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Sometimes when we make mistakes or poor choices we can lose sight of our self worth. We can also let the opinions of others cause us to look down on our own selves and we forget that we too are still somebody. No matter where you are in life right now, please remember that you still have SELF WORTH! Things may seem a little blurry right now and you may feel down but you still have SELF WORTH!


Don’t allow people to put you down just because you  are a teen mom. The statics are not who you are. You can rise above it and prove just how much worth you still have. Our decisions are a part of us but they do not define the very essence of who we are. You are going to have to be very selective of the type people that you choose to hang around. Their influence in your life and that of your child will be crucial. They will either encourage you to achieve greater or they will continue to tell you what you can’t do. Be careful who you allow in your inner circle. It’s no longer just you but you have another human being depending on you as well. The choices you make will also lead them. Our children often imitate us on various levels if we play close attention to them.






You must believe in yourself even if no one else will do it. You must encourage yourself even if no one else knows the importance of it. You cannot depend on people to validate your self worth. You must know that on your own first and then others will notice it. How you treat yourself is the standard for everyone else including your child. You are still a jewel in God’s eye sight! You still matter! You are still worth it!


you are worth it



By Tricia Goyer

teen moms, encouraging advice, tricia goyer, teen pregnancyWhen I was a teen mom I thought it was me against the world. I thought everyone would look down on me. I was sure every time someone pulled me aside to talk to me, I’d hear words of condemnation.

Instead, I was amazed how many people really cared about me. Time after time men and women encouraged me, and I clung to their advice.

I asked my Facebook friends, “If you were having coffee with a young mom today, what encouragement would you give her?” Below is what they said. I hope you will be pleased!

Your past in no way defines your future. Your path (if you take God’s hand for the journey) is like the first gleam of dawn, growing ever brighter until the full light of day! —Proverbs 4:18 Tanya

The way things seem now will not be that way forever. God’s TRUTH is far different from the facts we see with our narrow scope of what we think of reality. The Israelites were standing at the edge of the sea with Pharaoh’s army right behind them. Fact: They weren’t gonna make it. Truth: God made a way!!!! Denise

That children of single parents can be found and used by God. God is the father to the fatherless. Pia

I was a teen mom at the age of 18. God can and will redeem the past into a wonderful future. God is the author of a good future. He will provide the way for it to happen. I never knew if we would make it as a couple being only 18 and 16 years old (my hubby), but here we are 30 years later and more in love than ever before. God is a good God. Angie

Being a mom so young forces you to grow up early. That is not a bad thing. Finishing school and caring for your child become your focus. I know a sweet girl who is now a successful school teacher. My grandson is 14. His dad and mom are great parents. Cindy

You can be a great mom at your age, as well! You will make mistakes, but seeking encouraging friends, looking for mentors, and educating yourself will make you a better mom than you thought you could be. I was a teen mom, and I messed up a lot of the times, but it goes by so fast and you will suddenly have teenagers yourself! Martha

Tricia Goyer Buttona Encouraging Advice for Teen Moms

Don’t let anyone else influence your decisions. Too many people are absolutely certain they know what is best for another person. It’s OK to listen to advice, but, in the end, only you know what is best for you and your child. P.S. I was not a teen mom, but I was single when I became a mom and there are still days now, ten years later, when I feel inadequate and immature. We are all human. What teen mothers need more than anything else is support, acceptance, and love! JC

Now, how about you? What advice would you give to another young mom?


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