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During the holiday season we all rush and scrap all we can to spend money on our children so that they will know we love them or to keep up with the crowd and latest stuff. This year I challenge to not spend more money on your child/children but to spend more time with them.


Our children’s behaviors are learned behaviors. They don’t come out asking for more stuff but they pick up on what we present to them as important. This was something I did up until my daughter was in high school and then the light bulb went off in my head. She doesn’t need more stuff. She needs me to spend quality time. Don’t start you children out being materialistic. That is not what the season is all about. Show them how to give to others. Donate a toy to Toys for Tots. Make a fruit basket and take it to the nursing home. Our children are what we create them to be.


You may already have some stuff put on lay away at a local store or already made the list out. I challenge you to re-evaluate the list and see what is really needed. Read them the true meaning of Christmas from bible. Give your child/children more of your time and they won’t need the stuff.

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