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Prayer of Body Dedication

Father, I thank you for giving me another chance to get my life back in line with your word. I have given my body, mind and soul to fleshly pleasures instead of keeping it holy, sanctified and consecrated for you. Lord, please forgive me. I have allowed myself to get caught up in the flesh instead of your Spirit. Lord, please forgive me. I want to be made whole again. Make me over Lord. I need you to purge me from all unrighteousness. I need you to remove everything in my life that is a stumbling block to me in this area. I need you to wash me, recreate in me a clean heart and renew the right spirit in me. Help me Lord to make your ways my ways and your thoughts my thoughts. Help me to only think of things that are pure and holy. I bind every thought that is not like you and cast it back to the pits of hell where it came from. I ask that your Holy Spirit will help me think on those things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely and holy. I am a child of God and from this day forth I will live like one. My body is not mine but God’s temple and it will only be used to give Him glory. From this day forth I will only give myself to my husband inside the sanctity of a holy marriage. Lord I thank you for restoring me back to your righteousness. I thank you for your grace and mercy that have kept me in the midst of my sins. Lord, forgive me if I have caused anyone else to stumble in this area. I rededicate my life and body back to you right now Lord. Have your way in my life so that you may be glorified with my body. I love you Lord. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen


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