summer break



What will you be doing with your child/children this summer? I know school age children are excited about summer break and that they get a break from going to school everyday. The learning should not stop just because they are not in school.

children reading books


I encourage you to make sure you still give them “school work” to do even in the summer. They can read 2 books a month. Going to the library and getting a library card can be fun and enjoyable for them and not something that is dreaded.  Make reading fun for them. Act out the characters and read it in funny voices. That’s one thing I wished that I had done with my child more in the younger years. They will be reading the rest of their lives so why not be good at it.


children counting money


Teach them how to count money. When you go to the store, let them pay for an item where they have to count out change. Learning the importance of money and how to use it early will help as they grow. Teach them how to save money and not waste it. Give them money word problems to solve according to their age level. You can find all kind of free resources on the internet.



summer fun


I enjoy having a good time more than anybody but don’t have so much fun that you leave out the learning. There are some things that our children can learn from us and then it can be enhanced by the schools. Don’t let all the learning happen in school and none at home. We have forgotten the important lessons are learned at home. Our children should know that at home they learn just as much as they do in school or anywhere else. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. Show your children that it’s okay to ask for help so they won’t feel ashamed of it later in life.


Have safe, fun and learning summer! Remember there are no breaks from parenting.