O mother’s love, sweet mothers love,

The gift devine from heav’n above,

It lifts our thoughts to realms of light

And bids us see the good and right;

God knew the need of humankind,

The depths of sin our souls might find,

And so to keep us pure and fair,

We have a mother’s love and pray’r.

O mother’s love, the sweetest known,

The richest earthly gift we own,

For it our thanks shall clearly wing

To reach the throne of God, our King;

Our praise shall seek the Lord of pow’r

For blessing known this festal hour;

Ah, far above all gifts devine,

The love opf mothers brightly shine.

O mother’s love, so blest and true,

That guides and keeps our lifetime through:

Through sacrifice and service dear,

Its depth and sweetness shine more clear:

It is to us a precious gift

That lives to bless and bends to lift;

With lifted hearts we send above

Our gratitude for mother’s love.

Tune – “Sweet Hour Of Prayer”

Source: http://bigcsshop.hubpages.com/hub/Christian-Poem-For-Mothers-Day


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