One thing that took me a long time to get over was the judgment of others because I was/had been a teen mom. That got under my skin more than anything so much that I allowed it run my life. I began to try to live a life that would please THEM. Guess what I also learned, THEY  are never pleased.


Then I realized that we are all flawed and sin differently.  Why should I allow someone else to judge me for my sins because theirs haven’t revealed yet? That is something that we do as people far too often. Think about how that makes you feel every time some looks at you in a judgmental way or whispers a word about  you. Be sure you are not doing the same to someone else.


Don’t allow others to judge you because of the situation that you are in. It’s only temporary. You won’t be a teen mom your entire life. Your life is not defined because of this. You still have greatness in you that is yet to be exposed to the world. Don’t get bothered by their remarks. I know the words hurt but you can disprove them with your positive actions.


Set your own standards. Set your own goals. Declare positive affirmations of yourself daily.