When I saw this the other day, all I could do was laugh! This statement is so true but often overlooked. Have you been wondering lately, what is wrong with my child? Let me suggest that  you answer that question by asking yourself, “whats wrong with me?”


Believe it or not but our children pick up on our moods, attitudes and emotions. If you have been stressed lately,  your child(ren) is more likely to act out or go in a shell. Have you been crying a lot lately? Your child  may become more whiney. Are you always snapping at people? Your child may develop those same characteristics right before your very eyes.


We can no longer tell children to do as I say and not as I do. They are looking at you to be a  role model. You are the example. Have you thought about that? You are the example. They will learn how to treat people by watching you. They will learn how to deal with situations by watching you. They will learn how to deal with relationships by watching you. They will know how to talk to people by listening to you. You are their blueprint for life!


Instead of asking what is wrong with my child, turn that question around and ask yourself? I challenge you to be more aware of your actions and emotions. Then watch the changes in your child(ren). You will be amazed at how very much they are connected. When you feel yourself being overwhelmed or stressed, take a deep breath before you act or say anything because  your child(ren) are watching. What do you want them to see?


Remember you are their blueprint for life!  


Father, help me to be more aware of my actions and emotions for the sake of my child(ren). Help me to slow down enough to take a deep breath before I do anything. Help me to look to You for my answers. In Jesus’ name, amen!