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We invite guest bloggers to be a part of our family here. I think that we all have something to learn from each other. I enjoy promoting other writers for none of us know it all. This is a Christian blog so anything inspirational and encouraging is welcomed. My focus for this blog is encouraging teen mothers. We will feature our guest bloggers on Thursdays.

Here are the guidelines to follow for submitting an article.

  1. Articles must be 300 words – 500 words.
  2. Article must be encouraging to teen mothers.
  3. Article must include a picture with the appropriate reference.
  4. Articles need to be original, never-before-published and free from anyone else’s copyrights.
  5. Please include one professional headshot pic as an email attachment (it must be a separate attachment and not part of a word doc).
  6. Please include a 4-6 sentence professional bio with  contact info and up to two links to your desired website or social media page (this can include an offer or sales page) as an email attachment.
  7. Please put the entire article in the body of the email OR attach as a Microsoft Word doc (Do not attach as a pdf file or any other type of file.)
  8. After publication, post a link to your blog post back onto your website and post links to it to your social media sites.

All articles will be proofread and edited to some degree but I can’t guarantee perfect proofreading. If the editing is more than spelling or small basic grammar errors, then I will submit all changes to you for approval before posting on our site. Please do not be offended if I ask for changes. It is our goal to provide quality and accurate articles for our readers.

Submission does not guarantee publication. If accepted, you will be notified by email . Once published, I ask that you promote your article within your own circle of contacts on social media and to put a link on your website back to your article on my website.

I cannot guarantee a certain date for publication. As submissions are approved they will be published.

Email us your article at . We look forward to receiving your submissions and sharing it with our family. May God continue to bless you is our prayer!