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What are you doing to better yourself at this very moment? Take a minute and think about that. Now, write it down. Look at what you just wrote. Are you satisfied with the answer? Are you content with what you are doing right now? If you are the kudos to you and keep up the good work. If not, then only  you can change it.


You can’t spend your life thinking that you deserve a handout or sympathy. You have to get up and start striving towards your goals. What do you want to accomplish this year alone? Go ahead and write them down. I’ll wait…If you haven’t already completed high school, I hope high school graduation was your first goal. We cannot get anywhere in this world without an education. Next to God’s word, it is a corner-stone in our life and vital to your success in life. Are you behind in school and it’s frustrating to think about how you will catch up? Don’t let them overwhelm you. You can still do it! There is no better time to start than now. This can only enhance your life and the life of your child. How can you tell your child education is important if you don’t invest in your own? Get with your counselor, a teacher, your parents or a trusted friend to help you accomplish this goal.


Strive to not only finish but complete it with the best grades possible. Take pride in your education. You don’t take an interest in your education then very people will also. People only take you as serious as you take yourself. Yes, I know its hard. Yes, I know you may have missed an entire grading period but guess what so did I and I still graduated on time. I had my homework sent home to me and I completed while I was out for my 6 weeks. Even though I did the work, I still had a teacher who believed that I didn’t deserve any higher than a 67 because I was not in the classroom. I didn’t let that stop me. I didn’t let the judgment of that one teacher ruin my educational achievement. I pushed past his obvious disgust of my situation and graduated with my class. Don’t allow one negative person or a group of them to deter you from reaching your academic success. You can do it! You can achieve it! You can succeed! You are still destined for greatness!


Go ahead and get that high school diploma! It’s waiting for you with your name on it.



Class of 1997




The statement in this picture couldn’t be more true! In order for your children to know your role as the mother in their lives, you cannot allow anyone else to play that role for you. Yes, you will need help. Yes, it does take a village to raise a child but the child should not be confused on who is the mother.


When I went away to college, my first two years my daughter stayed with mother and brother. I lost my role as her mother because I didn’t take up my responsibility as her mother. She didn’t call me mom or mama. She had a nickname for me. I allowed that to happen because I forgot my role in her life. I had gotten comfortable with someone else doing it for me. Even though I went home whenever I could catch a ride and talked to her on the phone, it still wasn’t enough. Those two years of her life I missed out on. I was too caught up with the college lifestyle to truly think about my daughter. Going into my junior in college, I made a decision to move my child with me. I got an apartment and was able to keep her in daycare. We have been inseparable since then. Now she is a freshmen in college and still just a big old baby. (smile)


It’s easy to let someone else raise your child but what will the effects have in the long run? It’s easy to say this is too hard and I can’t do it but who is really suffering from that decision? No one wakes up and says “I think I will be a teen mom today” but it happens. No matter how wrong the choice is that we made to get us to this point, the child is still a gift from God. You have to take responsibility for your actions. You have to woman up and weather through the joys and tears of motherhood. As a mother that is our responsibility. You cannot get time back but you can make better choices now for a greater future.


If you want your child to know that you are the most important person in their life after God, then you must be in their lives today. Sacrifices have to be made and they are not always peachy but the joys of motherhood will outweigh any sacrifice that you make as a mother. Start this new year off right. Swallow your pride and make amends. Admit where you wrong and start today making thing right. Your child is waiting on you! Will you keep them waiting?



Happy New Year! I pray that you had a wonderful holiday and an even more blessed new year. To start the new year off right we will establish goals for ourselves for 2014. This is a great way to really examine where you are in life and where you want to be.  Create a vision board for this year to visualize all that you wish to accomplish this year alone and in the future. The picture above is a sample vision board I found on Google.
All hope is not gone as long as you have breath in your body.  Don’t give up on yourself even if everyone around has. You  have to live not only for  yourself but also for your child. If you give up then you are teaching them to do the same life. This life was never promised to be a bed of roses. Every now and then you will get stuck with thorns but the thorns shall not kill you. They make you wiser. I believe in you and know that you can make it. I made it and I’m no different or better than you. I just made up in my mind that I wasn’t going to be another statistic and you can do the same!
Here are some questions to consider when setting goals for this year and creating your vision board:
1)  What do you want to accomplish this year? There are no dumb or stupid goals here ladies. You will be selling yourself short if you are not honest with yourself.
2)  According to your list in number 1, which ones are short term? Things that can be accomplished within a 1 year time period.
3)  According to your list in number 1, which ones are long term? Things that can be accomplished over a period of time. (3 yrs, 5, yrs, 10 yrs, etc)
4)  What  habits do you want to break? Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to list all of your bad qualities. That’s depressing. Attack them one at a time. Replace a bad habit with a good one until you conquer it and then move on to the next one. Document it in writing so you have something to look back at. You will be surprised how writing things down can help you.
Consider writing at least one goal in the following key areas of your life:
1) Personal Development (spiritual growth, educational, learning a cooking skill, etc.)
2) Relationships
3) Community (outreach, volunteerism, etc)
4) Physical Health
5) Job/Career
6) Financial
7) Recreation (hobbies, vacation, learning a sport, etc.)
Goals don’t have to be big to make the list. They don’t have to be what society tell us we must achieve. Your goals may only matter to you and that’s okay. Don’t allow others to impose goals on you that you really don’t want to do. This is your life and you must live to enjoy it. Big success is always a result of small successes and a big failure is the result of repeated small failures. Don’t go into this new year with no purpose or plan for your life. Don’t go into this new year with the same idle mind from 2013. A new year is a new opportunity but even better than that a new day is a new chance to do something with your life. Don’t waste it. God wants to do great things in your life but He is waiting on you to start moving. Ask somebody to help you stay accountable. You can do this! You must do this! The power is in your hands. Now what are you going to do with it? Only you know the answer.
Father, help me to set goals for my life this year as I am being led by you. Help me to hear you clearly on every area of my life. I’m not concerned about the opinions of others but I need to know what you are saying this year for me. I shall commit all plans to you so that I can succeed. In Jesus name, amen!

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