Letter Ornament



Spray adhesive
Glitter (in color of your choosing)
Letter stencils
Hole punch


1.) Gather your supplies and find a surface you won’t mind getting a little glittery

2.) Trace letters on your cardboard piece, cut them out and hole punch.  (You can skip this step by buying pre-made letters at your local craft store as well). 

3.) Apply the spray adhesive to your letters and let dry for a few seconds

4.) Pour your loose glitter over the letter, covering completely.  Repeat on other side. 

5.) String your ribbon through the hole

6.) Tie your ribbon into a bow and hang from your tree!


We hope all of you decide to try this out – it’s so easy and the final effect is beautiful!


What was the best holiday craft you’ve ever done? Share with us in the comments!


Team Tia & Tamera