A stiff felt base and a plastic cup form a snow-globe ornament that your kids can fill with a seasonal display.

what you’ll need

White stiff felt, pencil, round object, scissors, wooden bead, paint and paintbrush, miniature trees and animals, tacky glue ($2; joann.com), polyester quilt batting, plastic cup, sequin trim, hot-glue gun and glue sticks, thin cord

make it

1. Trace a round object slightly larger than the opening of your plastic cup onto white stiff felt; cut out.
2. Paint wooden bead; let dry.
3. Glue miniature trees and animal figures onto stiff felt; let dry.
4. Glue small pieces of batting around the miniatures to create snow.
5. Apply a thin line of glue around the cup’s top rim and glue to the felt circle, covering the snowy scene; let dry.
6. Cut sequin trim to fit around the cup where it meets the felt; glue into place.
7. Hot-glue bead to top of cup so that the bead’s two openings are parallel to the top of the cup.
8. Cut cord to desired length and thread through bead.