A Mother At 15
What Would They Say
Everyone Else Had The choice
But She Couldn’t Walk Away

The Father Said It Wasn’t His
Her Friends Just Said Goodbye
So Smart,So Beautiful
Yet Just Wanting To Die

Her Parents Wouldn’t Say A Word
Just Give Her That Blank Stare
Collecting Her Books From School
Knowing She’d Never Be Back There

Crying For 9 Months Straight
Not Knowing What To Do
She Had Started This
And She Had To See It Through

Everyone Passed Judgment
People Shed Never Even Met
The Names Were So Very Horrible
That Part She’ll Never Forget

A Tiny Size 6
With Bright Blue Eyes
She Was Gonna Be A Lawyer
Sort Through The World Of Lies

Her Figure Faded Fast
No More Time For Fun
This Baby Was Coming Soon
He’d Be her Number One

So Many People Stared
As She Shopped For Baby Things
That Look In Their Eyes
You Couldn’t Imagine The Hurt It Brings

The Morning Sickness Went On
Till She Couldn’t Get Out Of Bed
but Yet She Struggled On
Everything About Babies She Read

9 Months Came And Went
And Her Gift Came From Above
A Tiny Little Angel
For Her To Cherish And Love

In All What Seemed Like Seconds
She Forget About All The Sacrifices Shed Made
She Had Given Up Her Teenagers Years
And All Those Things People Said Would Fade

It Didn’t Matter About Her Friends
That Would Never Be There
It Didn’t Matter About The Father
Who She Knew Would Never Care

A Mother At Only 15
Not Knowing What To Do
A Teenager Wise Beyond Her Years
Who Saw That Journey Through

A Mother That Fought The Battle
In World Where She Was Shunned
A New Beginning In Her Teenager Life
Her world Had Only Just Begun

She Cherished That Little Boy
Till This Very Day
And I Know Cause Shes My Mum
And Thats All I Have To Say……

by Hailey

This Is About My Mum..She Had My Bro when she was 15 and I Really Hate Seeing people judge teenage mums…its horrible..they struggle more than anyone could ever know..show em some respect..thanks