Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of my children.  I am humbled that You thought me worthy of watching over someone who is so precious to You.  Equip me with all the wisdom, strength, and insight that I need to complete my assignment in a way that will be pleasing to You.  Show me the way that I would take even as I instruct those ones whom You have entrusted to my care.  

As I commit them into Your care, I trust You to keep them safe in all of their ways.  Grant me an increased sense of discernment to recognize the work of the enemy in my children’s lives.  Give me the strength to battle against the forces that will seek to pull their heart away from You, to break their spirit and bend their will.  
When I grow weary, strengthen my weary arms and renew my faith in Your ability to keep us all.  By the authority that You have given me over the lives of my children, through Christ, labor the plans of the enemy and his agenda for destroying the purposes of God in my children.  Guide my prayer life to strategically call forth the destiny of these little ones.  Help me to secure the inheritance that You have reserved for them.  
But most of all, Lord, in those times when the going gets tough, remind me first that children are only part of my reward for answering Your call.  Reaffirm my worth when the world is telling me that I have no value, and let me find my validation and all that is truly worthwhile in You.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.