Mommy I’m pregnant
And I know you may be angry
But before you hit me
Or start to judge me
Take a minute and listen
Pay attention to me.

Mommy, you never taught me about sex
Or how to deal with the advances of the opposite sex
Never said a word about condoms.
I don’t even know the meaning of contraception
Far less for conception.

Mommy, the boys on the block made me feel good,
Saying things that you and dad never would.
Spoke to me in ways that I had never heard:
Told me I was beautiful, told me I was nice
Mommy, they complimented my sense of style.
Why didn’t you do it too mommy?
Why, oh why?
And now I am with child.

This fetus grows in my belly
The thought of teenage pregnancy overwhelms me,
But I promise my baby to do better
To talk to her, to love her.
I won’t neglect her like you did me,
I hope you also pass my message to daddy.

Times when I wanted his love and attention,
Instead he spent hours watching the television
All I wanted was an occasional hug and kiss,
To live in a house full of blessings and bliss.
You taught me to talk but never talked to me,
You taught me to walk but never walked with me.
I still want to say I’m sorry,
Sorry for this teenage pregnancy.

But now, I want you to talk to my little sister,
Because she’s growing up even faster.
She’s already getting the attention of the boys;
Mommy, don’t let her fall for their silly ploys.
She’s wearing seductive clothes,  putting on so much make up,
She’s so busy to grow up.
I hope she isn’t as naïve as me,
Boys will definitely take advantage,
Because she looks a lot older than her age.
Mommy, talk to her please!
Don’t let her make the same mistake as I did
Speak to her about the birds and the bees.
It’s too late for me now,
But save her mommy, save her some how,
Mommy, please act quick
She’s already talking about *** and ***.

Mommy, before I leave
Know that from now on I will do better
And though I may have lost your honour
I hope it passes to my son or daughter.
Mommy although you had some part to play
I don’t blame you for this, no way!
I will tell my child how you loved  me,
And how you showered blessings upon me.
There will be no resentment in my family
Not the type I got from you and daddy.
Motherhood awaits me and although I’m unprepared,
You’ve shown me what not to do.
So mommy, with a heavy heart, I say Thank You…

– Delroy Williams