The night was one of beauty
and she knew it would be great.
The thoughts of fun and laughter
and most of all her date.

Her appearance was amazing
when she opened the front door.
A beautiful dress of blue and white
and the pretty jewelry she wore.

She was an attention getter
and with kindness she was known.
she was among the popular crowd
and yet she felt somewhat alone.

Perfection was expected
with the make-up and good looks.
She went beyond her limits
after reading romance books.

She thought, ‘Everybody does it! ‘
but it put her life to shame.
She struggled with the choice
and knew she’d never be the same.

Her hopes and dreams had vanished
after she broke the common rule.
It should have been after marriage
not as a curious teen in school.

She wanted to graduate
and go away with friends to college.
She had big dreams to be a nurse
and gain the proper knowledge.

Every day she pushed the stroller
of the bundle in her care.
She had much to do on her own
because the father wasn’t there.

She rose up with strength of heart
and she knew it would be right.
to make a better life for her baby
she went to school and worked at night.

Her baby was placed in good care
even though the cost was high.
The mother did all that she could
and she barely made it by.

The days and years passed
before she got her nurse degree.
Hope was not lost after all
and from debt she would be free.

There are many hardships
for teen moms everywhere.
Babies go up for adoption
but some stay in teenage care.

Whatever happens don’t give up
when everything goes wrong.
Accept the challenges ahead
with the courage to be strong.

Shelley Williams