As they see me walking
With my son in my arms
They glare, insult, and fail to see the whole picture
They don’t see the dedication I have
Towards raising my boy
And making sure he knows, just how much he’s loved
And they don’t see the sacrifices I have made
To be the best mother I can
And make a good life for us
They aren’t there for every scraped knee
Every tear shed
Or anytime my son needs a hug….. I am
They don’t see how much I care
That I’m doing things right
They don’t see the unconditional LOVE
I have inside
For my son and the person he has made me
They don’t see how parties and a weekend out
Have turned into trips to the park
Baby feet kisses
And bedtime stories
They don’t see how school dances and the carefree days of my youth
Have turned into watching cartoons on a cloudy day
And knowing the constant worry that being a mother brings
They don’t see the quiet times
The cuddly times
Early in the morning
When I sing ‘good morning to you’ softly in his ear
They don’t know how
I see the world
Through a mother’s eyes
Every day I see something new
Something I was unaware of before
They don’t see how
My son coming into my life
Has changed me into a better person
A happier person
Happier than I’ve ever been
Its sad…..they fail to see the whole picture
Still, I am ridiculed and judge
Because I’m a teen mother
Its sad…..they fail to see me

midnight butterfly