This is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs of all time! I love the lyrics, the beat and the singer isn’t half bad either. Music is very powerful and moving. The unspoken  meanings behind the lyrics is always quite interesting. This song is confessing the love and ownership of one person to another. Signed, sealed, delivered I’m yours! Who have you pledged your love too? It’s easy to get caught up in relationships and trying to prove our love to our boyfriends. Often times you end up doing things that you never really intended to do just to show that you belong to him. Let’s be honest who wakes up in the morning with the aspiration to become a young, teen mother? I know that wasn’t my prayer at the age of 15 but it happened due to trying to prove my love to him.


The story doesn’t end there. Thank you Jesus! I soon came to realize that God’s plan for my life wasn’t to live in the shadows of another human always trying to prove one thing or another. God had already signed, sealed and delivered me but I just hadn’t accepted it yet. Don’t allow bad choices to keep you in a depressed state of mind. We all make mistakes. No on is perfect and without sin. We just have to change who we pledge our love too. Try telling God, “I’m Yours” and see the great changes that will take place in your lifetime. It’s not going to be easy and some will try to say it’s too late or you are just faking it. Don’t listen to them! You can still accomplish great things in your life. Your end is far from being over. You are still as a precious jewel in His sight. You are still valuable to Him.


I know that you are struggling with trying to make him love you but don’t waste any more of your time. I had to learn this very hard lesson and still learning it now. When people choose to walk out of your life for whatever reason, then let them go! If you are not good enough for them to stay on their own, then it doesn’t matter what you tell them. You will spend more time trying to keep them than you have to give. Your main concern now is caring for your child and developing a relationship with God. Everything else when fall into place in due time. I know it hurts. I know its confusing. I know its frustrating. I know this is not what you planned. Even in the midst of tough situations there are still blessings waiting for you. Let it be known that you have been signed, sealed and delivered to God and God alone!