This week we will discuss the importance of mentors in your life. If you are just joining us, please go back to the beginning of this series dated September 3, 2013. It will bless you richly.



What are mentors? They are people in our lives that can lead us in the right direction. They offer encouragement when we need it. They offer discipline when we need it. They remind us that we have choices to make and encourage us to dream big. They can assist us in reaching our goals or point us to someone who can help us. They are vital to our success in life. We can not be successful all by ourselves. There are people who have been where we are and can give us great wisdom so that we don’t make the same mistakes they made.



As teen mothers it is imperative that you hook up with an older mother if not your mother who can really teach you how to be a mother. You can not shut yourself off from the world and decide to go at this alone. You need help and you need help now! Don’t waste another minute. You need that guidance and support. Being a mother is not easy and its even harder when you are a teen mom mainly because you are still trying to figure out who you are along with finishing school if you haven’t already done so. That extra push will benefit you more than you will ever realize.



Father, show me who my mentors are and help me to listen to them as they try to help me along my journey. In Jesus name, amen!