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An acquaintance is a person one knows slightly, but who is not a close friend.  acquaintances are people whose company you enjoy occasionally. You may have a common interest that brought you all together at a moment in time but it doesn’t go any further. There is no investment in a relationship with an acquaintance. There is no real-time spent to get to know each other. There is no intimacy in the relationship. Their favorite color doesn’t matter to you and yours doesn’t matter to them.



Sometimes is hard to know when a person is an acquaintance and when they are a friend. I will attempt to help you to decide the difference between the two. Here we go. If this person or group of people have no real interest in you or the things that you like then they are acquaintances. If they are consistently trying to make you conform to their way of life then they are  acquaintances. If your time is not important to them and everything has to be done on their time, then they are acquaintances. If they are constantly breaking commitments to  you, for example, hanging out at the mall, movies or social event then they are acquaintances. If all you get from them are excuses then they are acquaintances. If they only want to talk about what is going on in your life as if theirs is perfect and flawless, then they are acquaintances.



We sometimes put acquaintances in the friend category because to us they are a friend but in their eyes we are just an acquaintance. We have to accept what is given to us and move on. Don’t throw a pity party because they don’t see you like you see them. It’s not the end of your world. It is probably in your best interest in the long run. Once we let people in our private lives and have privy them to our issues and problems we have opened up a door that is hard to close. Your life is too important to let just anyone it. No one has the right to just walk in your life at their convenience and then walk out the same way. People only do to us what we allow them too. This includes so called boyfriends as well. If they fall into  the discriptions above, then make the best decision to disconnect yourself now before you




  1. Examine your relationships honestly
  2. List all the people you consider as your friend
  3. Check all the people you have listed as friends that really are acquaintances based on the information above
  4. Pray: Father, thank you for all my relationships. Reveal to me now people who are acquaintances that I have put in the friend category. Help me to embrace, accept and move forward with the information that I am receiving right now. Help me to make the right decisions regarding my relationships. I realize that my relationships have power and I want to ensure that I have the right ones. In Jesus name, amen!


Congratulations! This is the first of many steps to come to ensure that you are living a greater life! Be blessed!