I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day holiday. It’s always good to get a day off work. Our next series of blog posts will deal with the power of  relationships. We will look at our current relationships and whether or not they are healthy and necessary. Then we will look at those that we need to create. Relationships can help us or hinder us in many ways and sometimes we tend to forget just how powerful that bond is in our lives.



You have the choice to decide where people are put in your life. They can be acquaintances, friends or mentors. There are different levels in each one and some people may say there are more than just these three but this is what we will discuss. I pray that this series will help open your eyes to see who is really important in your life and those you need to let go. It will serve as a reminder that you have the power to decide people’s roles in your life. You may need a little help along the way to come to the right decision and maybe even a little push but the ultimate decision is yours. It is very important that you make the right ones.



Don’t force people to be in your life who don’t want to be there. It’s their loss and not yours. Below you will find a couple of links talking about the different levels of friendships. Check them out and take notes. Be ready for our journey starting tomorrow. I normally only post 3 times a week on this blog but with this topic it may be daily until we complete it. I just don’t know yet but we shall see. My prayer is to empower teen moms to become that greater working woman. It’s already in you  but it just needs to be pulled out.