Now, that you have written down your goals and the steps needed let’s move on to the next step. If you didn’t do the first exercise, go back to the post dated August 12, 2013 and complete that excercise first. The second part of writing down goals is being able to actually visualize it. If you can see yourself doing it, then you are more likely to do it. You will need a poster board, that you can purchase at the Dollar Tree for 50 cents or you can use copy paper. You will also need pictures of yourself that you can cut your head shot out of (if possible), scissors, markers or crayons, glue stick and a pen. Follow the instructions below:

1) Search the internet or old magazines that portray your goals. For example, if you want to be a chef. Find pictures of a chef. You can cut the head off the picture if you have a picture of yourself to put on it or just leave it as it. Either way will be fine.

2) Write the title “My Dreams” By: (put your name here) on your poster board or paper. Be creative and let it resemble your personality. After all you are going to put this in a place where you can see everyday. If using paper, you will need a sheet of paper for each goal. Read all the steps below before starting so that you will know how you need to position pictures.

3) Write you the word chef anywhere on your poster board or paper and put that picture under the title.

4) Under the picture write down the steps needed to complete this goal. Leave space to write the date of completion of each goal.

4) Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all your goals are on the poster board or sheets of paper.

5)Pray this prayer out loud each night. You may not feel like it at first but just do it. You may even think that you cannot accomplish the goals you just wrote down but do it anyway. Yes even you who is rolling her eyes right now while reading this. I’m talking to you. You ready? Here we go:

Father, I thank you that in spite of my mistakes you can still accomplish great things in me and for me. Father, I thank you that my mistakes don’t define me or the future of life. Father, I thank you that my mistakes don’t define who my child(ren) will be. Here are the goals that I would like to accomplish (read your goals). Here are the steps that I am aware of that need to be followed in order to complete my goals (read the steps). Father, show me how to accomplish these goals one by one. Open my eyes to see greater. Open my heart to receive greater. Open my mind to think greater. Please put the people in my life that can assist me in reaching my goals. I surrender my hearts desires into your hands. I believe that my dreams can come true. I believe that my dreams can come true. I believe that my dreams can come true. Let your will be done in my life. In Jesus name, amen!