Can I really be restored? I messed up really bad and I just don’t see my way out of this. Every time I turn around all I hear are negative things. I see others who didn’t make it so what makes me any different? You are different because you are not them. Your destiny is not tied up into another human being. Whatever happened to them does not have to be your story. Yes, you can be restored. Restoration means bringing back to a former position or condition.

God wants you to come to Him just like you are and He will clean you up. You cannot do this on your own. Please do not try to do this on your own. You are going to need help from others, especially those who have a real relationship with God. You are not alone. Do not isolate yourself from those who really love you and want to help you. Lose the bad attitude and humble yourself. You have to keep in mind that the decisions you make will not only affect you but there is an innocent human being who is depending on you to get it together. This person doesn’t know your past. This person cannot judge you. This person only wants to love and be loved. They are depending on your restoration!

Don’t allow the label “teen mother” distract you from the bigger picture. This title is only temporary and by no means describes the whole you. Yes, I realize that this group of people are looked down on and criticized. The only way to prove a critic wrong is not to stay where they have put you at. What does that mean? They say teen mothers do not graduate high school or go on to college. They end up at minimum wage jobs and on welfare the majority of their life. What you do is finish high school and that takes away that description of you. You also go on to college and graduate with your Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate and even Juris Doctorate if you so choose. That takes away another label.

You then get a nice paying job because of your degree and that takes away another label. Now, that you are making a pretty decent living you no longer qualify for welfare. Taking away yet another label of you while in the process. Words are powerful and can be very damaging but even more powerful are your actions to those words. You can let those words define you or turn those words into a lie. It’s all up to you.

People’s opinions of you do not have to become your reality unless you allow it. Don’t get stuck on where you are right now that you can’t get to where you should be later. Along this journey you will have to seek your own inspiration and not depend so much on other people to inspire you. You are going to have to reclaim your life back. You are going to have to make some stuff decisions. It is going to be very vital to your success that you first depend on God to lead you and that you have a support system.

Support systems are people who will encourage you, pray for you and even lend a helping hand when needed. You cannot do this alone. I know that you may feel alone and that no one knows or understand how you feel but you still have to find someone that you can trust to talk to along with your support system. Your emotional health is just as important as anything else. You have to believe that you too can be successful in life. We all make wrong turns in life that can get us off track a bit but finding your way back to the right path is a must if you want to really make it in life. This is not your end but only a new beginning. Restoration is in your house now you must help do the work.